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Shedding UV Light on Sanitation



What are UV Lights?

We all try to stay healthy and work to keep our houses and indoor environments as clean and germ-free as is reasonably possible. One tool many people are not even aware of is ultra violet sanitation, even though this technology has been used for sterilizing drinking water in parts of the US since 1916. Hospitals have used these for years and now we are happy to be able to offer a selection of UV light products for home use by our customers.

In this sort of sterilization, very short wavelengths are passed through air, water, or over the surfaces to be disinfected. The rays work a little like sunburn on humans – molecular bonds in micro-organisms are broken down so they are harmless or cannot grow and reproduce. This results in a reduction of bacteria, mold, germ, and virus wherever the UV lights are used.

What kinds are available for homeowners?

We carry two basic types of germicidal UV lights. The first are installed in your ductwork or heating and cooling system and simply plug in to a standard outlet. Once in place, they begin to work without any sound, ozone production, effort on your part, or any maintenance. They shine on and destroy airborne pathogens as air moves through your system, 24 hours a day, and have solid warranties. We have both single and double bulb systems available, as well as replacement bulbs.

The second form of light for UV disinfection may leave you feeling as if you are doing high-tech battle with germs – and you are! These are wands that hold UV bulbs and can be waved over the surface to be treated. As such they can be used anywhere from your kitchen counter, to on upholstery or bedding you would like to clean up, or to sanitizing a bathroom. There is even one specifically for disinfecting water! If you want to be able to disinfect sizable areas in ten seconds with a sweep of the wand, look at the Large UV Sanitizing Wand. Our Portable UV Wand Sanitizer folds and gives you a way to disinfect surfaces away from home – places like restaurants or public bathrooms. It reliably kills 99.9 percent of E.coli, staph, salmonella, and H1N1 virus. The Nano15 Dual UV Sanitizer is a lso easy to travel with and not only disinfects surfaces, but can also be used when traveling or camping to disinfect drinking water without chemicals.

If you are interested in this environmentally friendly way to make your environment healthier, feel free to contact us for help in choosing a product to best meet your needs.


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UV Light An Effective Supplement To Electrostatic Filters


What do doctor’s offices, hospitals, laboratories, and food processing plants have in common? In many instances, its UV light air purification. And why do so many such facilities turn to UV light air cleaners? Because of UV light’s impact on everything from bacterias and viruses to molds and fungi. In fact, this advanced technology has been employed in such settings for over two decades now. What is called ‘C’ band short-wave ultraviolet radiation in the “C” band (UVC, also called UVGI, which references ‘germicidal irradiation’) has been proven effective in rendering various microorganisms inactive, reports the EPA.

EPA UV Light Research

In fact, UV light systems have even drawn the attention of Homeland Security for their potential in combating harmful bio-aerosols. As a result, the EPA conducted tests to measure the effectiveness of UV light air cleaners in eradicating various types of organisms. All systems tested were more than 99 percent effective in eliminating what is called vegetative bacteria, for example. Overall, three different organisms were tested, and a number of UV light systems tested were more than 93 percent effective in eliminating all three microorganisms.

Would you like to have this air purification capability in your home? Now you can. Now it is possible to enjoy the peace of mind that UV light air cleaners offer. UV light systems can be installed right in UVAC ductwork, near your furnace, for example, to continually treat air as it is circulated throughout your home.

Electrostatic furnace filters take air purification a big step beyond that offered by traditional replaceable filters. And UV light systems can take air purification to an even higher level by attacking various airborne pathogens, including mold, mold spores, bacteria, and viruses.

Air Quality And Health Effects

Especially given today’s airtight home construction, people often find that colds seem to linger for weeks, or that runny noses that are way too common. Or, there may be inexplicable breathing issues and a general lack of energy. The culprits may be airborne substances that irritate the mucous membranes, lungs, and other tissues.

The potential benefits for those breathing air treated by UV light are numerous:

* Fight sickness such as common cold, influenza, measles, small pox and tuberculosis
* Reduce allergic reactions and asthmatic effects
* Reduce the frequency and severity of headaches
* Reduce congested nasal and sinus passages
* Address irritability induced by air issues
* Reduce fatigue and depression associated with fatigue
* Address Sick Building Syndrome

Find out more about how electrostatic filters and UV light can combine for especially effective air purification. Please contact us today.

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Combating Mold With UV light

UV Light Kills Mold

UV light air cleaners can further  complement the air purification offered by electrostatic furnace  filters. They have been proven useful in reducing the incidence of mold,  mold spores, bacterial, and viruses.

Mold Can Be Helpful — But Not Indoors

When  you are composting outdoors, various molds actually aid the process.  These living organisms break down organic matter, like dead leaves.  However, people in your home or commercial building are ‘organic’ too.  You don’t want harm to come to them.

Mold And Health — The Connection

Anytime  both moisture and oxygen get together, especially in poorly ventilated  environments, mold can grow and produce what are called mycotoxins.  These mycotoxins have been associated with various allergic reactions including watery eyes, skin rashes, runny noses, and even asthma attacks, according to the EPA.

Mold Infestation Challenges

Research  suggests a three or four-fold reduction in mold with use of a UV light  air cleaner integrated into the HVAC system. Almost everyone has heard  of the more extreme cases of drywall getting moist and uncontrolled mold  growth requiring major remediation. Typically, drywall needs to be  completely torn out and replaced. Affected carpet needs to be steam  cleaned. Hard surfaces have to be wiped down with a mild detergent  solution. Finally, a high-efficiency particulate air vacuum is typically  employed to thoroughly clean surfaces once they are totally dry.
It  is important, therefore, to always deal with water leaks as soon as  they appear. Plus, UV light integrated into one’s HVAC system can  significantly reduce mold’s impact.
The EPA asserts that the  complete elimination of mold from indoor settings is not possible.  However, controlling mold indoors is possible. UV light is one of the  key tools used to control mold. Again, it’s effect iveness is testified  to by its common use in both medical and food processing environments.

Healthy Home Filter Company offers modern solutions to the air purification needs of residences, schools, and businesses. For more insight into how to address your particular air quality issues, please contact us.

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Flu Season – Time to Destroy Pathogens With UV Light

Can I Use a UV Light With My Electrostatic Filter?

We all know about getting flu shots and washing our hands frequently to help avoid germs during flu season, but did you know that hospitals throughout the U.S. use UV light to help prevent the spread of flu, colds and other contagious infections? And the U.S. Government battles microbes by requiring UV lamps to be installed in the air conditioning systems in government buildings:

“Ultraviolet light (C band) emitters shall be incorporated downstream of all cooling coils and above all drain pans to control airborne and surface microbial growth and transfer.”

UV lights are proven to effectively kill influenza A & B, Strep, Swine Flu (H1N1), molds, bacteria, viruses and more. In fact, Duke Medical Center was one of several hospitals participating in a recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study that showed UV light is even effective against drug-resistant pathogens, including tuberculosis and MRSA.

The U.S. Green Building Council has awarded LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credits for using UVC Germicidal Lamps to improve indoor air quality, and now you can utilize this affordable technology in your home or business by installing a UVC Germicidal Lamp in under 15 minutes!

When installed in your heating/cooling system, this UV lamp provides continuous UV sterilization, which also reduces odors and allergens.

Consider also installing a permanent, washable Electrostatic Furnace Filter and you’ll have a whole system air sanitizer, providing higher air quality, pathogen reduction and easier breathing–even asthma relief.

Contact us today to utilize this amazing technology. We’ll help you select the best products to improve your indoor air quality and help conquer flu season in a proven, cost-effective, environmentally-friendly way.

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Use UV Light for Cleaner Air in Your Home or Office

Mold, viruses and bacteria in your home or office can trigger asthma and allergies, not to mention contributing to the spread of the common cold or flu.

You can use UV light to reduce your exposure to these pathogens by installing a UVC germicidal lamp in your current HVAC system. These air cleaners use ultraviolet (UV) light technology to destroy pollutants in indoor air. UV lamps can destroy biological pollutants such as viruses, bacteria, allergens, and molds whether they are airborne or growing on HVAC surfaces such as cooling coils, drain pans, or ductwork.

Hospitals and government buildings have been using UV germicidal lamps in their ventilation systems for years. In fact, U.S. government buildings are required to have UV lamps above cooling coils to control microbial growth. Now these units are becoming increasingly common in homes and offices. Why not install one in yours and enjoy cleaner air every day?

The UVC Max36 is a high efficiency air purifier that uses a proprietary UVC lamp to safely and effectively help eliminate airborne allergens, bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi, and more. It also reduces odors by constantly treating the air with UV sterilization. The UVC Max36 plugs into any standard wall outlet and requires no separate wiring, so it is simple to install inside your ductwork or furnace unit. It also includes a year warranty.

Our Dual Lamp UVC Light has all the same benefits as the UVC Max36 but with two bulbs. Designed for air systems 1-5 tons, it comes with a five year warranty.

It’s important to note that UV lamps are not a replacement for filtration systems, but should be used in conjunction with them. There are also a few precautions you should take when using these bulbs.

First of all, never look directly at UVC light or directly expose your skin to the light, as it can cause permanent damage. These units have an indicator light so you won’t need to look at the bulb to make sure it is working. Each unit contains an on/off switch, and you should always turn the power off and unplug the unit before servicing the furnace or replacing bulbs.

The unit comes with a warning label to put on the furnace identifying the UV light inside. Don’t forget to stick the label on your furnace so you or others in the future will remember to exercise caution.

UVC lamps can help provide higher quality air for everyone in your home or office and reduce exposure to all kinds of pathogens and irritants. Contact us for more information about our UV germicidal lamps, and start breathing easier today.

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Electrostatic Air Filters: Who Needs Them?


The question is, who can benefit by using a permanent air filter? The answer is all of us can. Research has revealed that air quality is often worse in our homes, offices and other buildings. Installing a permanent electrostatic air filter in our heating and cooling systems can significantly improve the air we breathe. Most people spend about 90% of their time indoors, it is easy to see that improving our indoor air quality is important.

The cost of bad air.

Poor air quality can contribute to respiratory diseases, headaches, fatigue, nasal congestion, dry eyes and nausea. People with severe respiratory diseases suffer from poor indoor air quality even more.

Poor air quality in our homes can lead to greater problems with our allergies, poorer quality sleep, respiratory diseases and other problems. These problems raise our medical expenses and often leads to loss of income due to taking time off from work.

Poor air quality in our workplace can affect worker productivity in a number of ways. When employees suffer with headaches they are less productive and more likely to make mistakes. Having dry eyes, nasal congestion and other effects of poor air quality will also  affect employee productivity in a very bad way. The worst of it is the time employees need to take off from work to see doctors and recuperate.

Air quality is especially important in our schools. Research is showing a link between poor air quality and lower IQ scores. The same concerns about air quality for adults in the work place is even more critical in our schools. Our children’s health will have a long lasting effect in work performance and medical costs. School aged children with their bodies still developing are at greater risk of long term harm.

What is the solution to poor air quality?

Replacing air filters in your heating and cooling systems is one simple solution. Electrostatic air filter remove as much as 10 times the amount of harmful particles over standard filters. In addition to doing a better job of cleaning the air you breathe they are permanent and washable. Permanent air filters may cost more initially but save a lot of money over the years that you use them. There is no additional equipment needed as the air flow creates the static charge that attracts more of the dangerous pollutants.

Installing a UV light in your ventilation systems can protect your homes, offices and other buildings from air born allergens, molds, viruses and bacteria. UVC lights have been used in hospitals and other buildings for years and are becoming more common in our homes.

Use of electrostatic register vent filters is another low cost solution for improving air quality. They work the same as the furnace and air conditioner filters and can significantly improve air quality and reduce odors.

Room air purifiers reduce air borne particles and greatly reduce the risk of illness. Use of a room air cleaner is especially important for people that are suffering with respiratory illnesses as well as people that live in areas with above normal levels of air pollution.

Contact us for more information, custom sizes and bulk order discounts.

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