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UV Light An Effective Supplement To Electrostatic Filters


What do doctor’s offices, hospitals, laboratories, and food processing plants have in common? In many instances, its UV light air purification. And why do so many such facilities turn to UV light air cleaners? Because of UV light’s impact on everything from bacterias and viruses to molds and fungi. In fact, this advanced technology has been employed in such settings for over two decades now. What is called ‘C’ band short-wave ultraviolet radiation in the “C” band (UVC, also called UVGI, which references ‘germicidal irradiation’) has been proven effective in rendering various microorganisms inactive, reports the EPA.

EPA UV Light Research

In fact, UV light systems have even drawn the attention of Homeland Security for their potential in combating harmful bio-aerosols. As a result, the EPA conducted tests to measure the effectiveness of UV light air cleaners in eradicating various types of organisms. All systems tested were more than 99 percent effective in eliminating what is called vegetative bacteria, for example. Overall, three different organisms were tested, and a number of UV light systems tested were more than 93 percent effective in eliminating all three microorganisms.

Would you like to have this air purification capability in your home? Now you can. Now it is possible to enjoy the peace of mind that UV light air cleaners offer. UV light systems can be installed right in UVAC ductwork, near your furnace, for example, to continually treat air as it is circulated throughout your home.

Electrostatic furnace filters take air purification a big step beyond that offered by traditional replaceable filters. And UV light systems can take air purification to an even higher level by attacking various airborne pathogens, including mold, mold spores, bacteria, and viruses.

Air Quality And Health Effects

Especially given today’s airtight home construction, people often find that colds seem to linger for weeks, or that runny noses that are way too common. Or, there may be inexplicable breathing issues and a general lack of energy. The culprits may be airborne substances that irritate the mucous membranes, lungs, and other tissues.

The potential benefits for those breathing air treated by UV light are numerous:

* Fight sickness such as common cold, influenza, measles, small pox and tuberculosis
* Reduce allergic reactions and asthmatic effects
* Reduce the frequency and severity of headaches
* Reduce congested nasal and sinus passages
* Address irritability induced by air issues
* Reduce fatigue and depression associated with fatigue
* Address Sick Building Syndrome

Find out more about how electrostatic filters and UV light can combine for especially effective air purification. Please contact us today.


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Flu Season – Time to Destroy Pathogens With UV Light

Can I Use a UV Light With My Electrostatic Filter?

We all know about getting flu shots and washing our hands frequently to help avoid germs during flu season, but did you know that hospitals throughout the U.S. use UV light to help prevent the spread of flu, colds and other contagious infections? And the U.S. Government battles microbes by requiring UV lamps to be installed in the air conditioning systems in government buildings:

“Ultraviolet light (C band) emitters shall be incorporated downstream of all cooling coils and above all drain pans to control airborne and surface microbial growth and transfer.”

UV lights are proven to effectively kill influenza A & B, Strep, Swine Flu (H1N1), molds, bacteria, viruses and more. In fact, Duke Medical Center was one of several hospitals participating in a recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study that showed UV light is even effective against drug-resistant pathogens, including tuberculosis and MRSA.

The U.S. Green Building Council has awarded LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credits for using UVC Germicidal Lamps to improve indoor air quality, and now you can utilize this affordable technology in your home or business by installing a UVC Germicidal Lamp in under 15 minutes!

When installed in your heating/cooling system, this UV lamp provides continuous UV sterilization, which also reduces odors and allergens.

Consider also installing a permanent, washable Electrostatic Furnace Filter and you’ll have a whole system air sanitizer, providing higher air quality, pathogen reduction and easier breathing–even asthma relief.

Contact us today to utilize this amazing technology. We’ll help you select the best products to improve your indoor air quality and help conquer flu season in a proven, cost-effective, environmentally-friendly way.

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