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Use UV Light for Cleaner Air in Your Home or Office

Mold, viruses and bacteria in your home or office can trigger asthma and allergies, not to mention contributing to the spread of the common cold or flu.

You can use UV light to reduce your exposure to these pathogens by installing a UVC germicidal lamp in your current HVAC system. These air cleaners use ultraviolet (UV) light technology to destroy pollutants in indoor air. UV lamps can destroy biological pollutants such as viruses, bacteria, allergens, and molds whether they are airborne or growing on HVAC surfaces such as cooling coils, drain pans, or ductwork.

Hospitals and government buildings have been using UV germicidal lamps in their ventilation systems for years. In fact, U.S. government buildings are required to have UV lamps above cooling coils to control microbial growth. Now these units are becoming increasingly common in homes and offices. Why not install one in yours and enjoy cleaner air every day?

The UVC Max36 is a high efficiency air purifier that uses a proprietary UVC lamp to safely and effectively help eliminate airborne allergens, bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi, and more. It also reduces odors by constantly treating the air with UV sterilization. The UVC Max36 plugs into any standard wall outlet and requires no separate wiring, so it is simple to install inside your ductwork or furnace unit. It also includes a year warranty.

Our Dual Lamp UVC Light has all the same benefits as the UVC Max36 but with two bulbs. Designed for air systems 1-5 tons, it comes with a five year warranty.

It’s important to note that UV lamps are not a replacement for filtration systems, but should be used in conjunction with them. There are also a few precautions you should take when using these bulbs.

First of all, never look directly at UVC light or directly expose your skin to the light, as it can cause permanent damage. These units have an indicator light so you won’t need to look at the bulb to make sure it is working. Each unit contains an on/off switch, and you should always turn the power off and unplug the unit before servicing the furnace or replacing bulbs.

The unit comes with a warning label to put on the furnace identifying the UV light inside. Don’t forget to stick the label on your furnace so you or others in the future will remember to exercise caution.

UVC lamps can help provide higher quality air for everyone in your home or office and reduce exposure to all kinds of pathogens and irritants. Contact us for more information about our UV germicidal lamps, and start breathing easier today.


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