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Electrostatic Filters Filter the Air That Comes Into Your Home, And Ultra Violet Light Purifies It


Every moment of every day, we breathe.  There’s no getting around it. And, for most of us, that’s all well and good, but for many, just breathing can be a constant struggle.

Those folks suffer from ailments like asthma and allergies that affect how they breathe. For them, airborne contaminates including second-hand smoke, chemicals, dust, and mold spores cause serious reactions.

Sadly, much of the trouble comes from within the home because that’s where the air becomes stale, stagnant, and reused, – not necessarily recycled.  So, it’s no wonder that the air quality in them is up to 100 times more polluted than their outdoors counterpart.  Fortunately, there are a few simple and cost-effective things that can be done to improve the indoor air quality.

Electrostatic furnace filters are prime examples of simple solutions.  They greatly reduce air contaminates by filtering them out using a natural static charge and these filters are reusable which makes them a better choice for the green-ness of the planet.  Plus, the washable electrostatic furnace filters are up to 10x more effective then the disposable kind, and the electrostatic air filters even contain an anti-microbial agent to combat mold and mildew growth.  These filters come with a lifetime warranty to add to your peace of mind.

Another advancement toward improved air quality is the development of Ultra Violet lights.  UV lights effectively rid the air of unwanted biological contaminates including mold spores, bacteria, and viruses.  Ultra Violets light work as naturally and effectively as sunlight.

So, to breathe easier, bring fresh air and sunshine into your home.  Invest in reusable, efficient, and earth-friendly electrostatic furnace filters to filter the air and ultra violet light to purify it.

For more information contact us.  Our motto is “Save Time, Save Money, save the Environment.”


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