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Save Money This Summer With a Permanent AC Filter

The heat of summer is quickly approaching in many areas, which leaves many homeowners fearful of how much money they will have to spend this year on air conditioning their home. What you may be surprised to learn, is how much you and your family can save by using a permanent ac filter in your air conditioning unit. These ac filters provide many benefits over traditional disposable filters, which can save you a great deal of money. Here are just a few of the money saving benefits they provide.

They Are Easily Cleaned

It is estimated that having a clean air conditioning filter can save you up to 5 percent on your air conditioning bills each month, which is a great deal of money considering how expensive summer electricity bills can be. However, with traditional air filters, this would mean spending money on replacing a dirty filter fairly frequently. With permanent filters on the other hand, you can simply remove and clean your air filter every few weeks. This will help to ensure that your air filter is as clean as possible, and that you will be able to pay as little as possible to cool your home.

Permanent AC Filters Are More Efficient

Not only do permanent air conditioning filters save you money by being easier to clean, but they also work more efficiently to begin with.  This will help to alleviate the amount of work your AC system has to put into keeping your home cool, which will help to keep your summer energy bills as low as possible.

Switching the filter in your air conditioning unit to a permanent air filter can save you substantially on your energy bills this summer. With how expensive it is to keeps one’s home cool during the summer months, this switch could be highly beneficial to you and your family. Contact us to find out more about how these filters work as well as the many benefits they can provide you with.


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A Permanent Electrostatic Air Filter Offers Key Health Benefits

Germs only have mobility if they can hitch a ride on dust or other airborne particles. These particles are an inevitable part of daily life; they come from sources such as dirt, pollen, pet dander, mold, mildew and smoke. When you consider that you breathe in an estimated 250 cubic feet of air in your lungs during a 12-hour period, the opportunity for germ-laden air to get to your lungs is virtually unlimited.

Dedicated efforts to keep your home clean can only offer a partial solution. It has been estimated that such cleaning is only about 30-35 percent efficient, in part because dust and other super-fine particles are often merely stirred up and displaced from one spot in the home to another.

A Superior Air Filtration Solution

A permanent electrostatic air filter works to clear the air that you’ll breathe into your lungs around-the-clock. When you are cooking, playing, relaxing or sleeping in your home, your electrostatic filter works tirelessly on your behalf. If anyone in your household faces seasonal allergies, grant them some much-deserved relief with such a permanent filter.

Improve Productivity

Better health in the home can also translate into improved productivity at work. It’s been estimated that, on average, an employee loses about one day of work every month to indoor air-related illness. Over time, an estimated one in five workers experiences a major illness due to problematic indoor air quality. More severe allergies, asthma, and even autoimmune disorders may hinder a person’s productivity and overall quality of life.

There is little doubt that much is at stake when it comes to the quality of the air that you and your family breathe in your home each and every day. A permanent electrostatic air filter can represent a big step in the quest for clean, healthy air in your home. For more information about the benefits of these advanced filters, please contact us.

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Get the facts About the Electrostatic Permanent Furnace Filter

The benefits of installing a permanent furnace filter, go without saying. If it is time to change your old disposable filter, consider going electrostatic. Electrostatic filters successfully remove allergens and harmful particles in the air much like costly HEPA style filters, minus the high dollar price tag. Because of their efficiency and affordable cost, many HVAC professionals are suggesting electrostatic filters to replace old, inefficient traditional furnace and ac unit filters.

Save Energy & Money on Your Monthly Utility Bill

Because of its energy conscious design, an electrostatic filter can help you save up to 15% on your monthly utility bill. In addition, the electrostatic filter is permanent and cleanable; therefore you don’t have to worry about changing your filter each month to ensure it is circulating clean air throughout your home or office.

Improved Air Quality

The MERV rating, or minimal efficiency rating value, of an electrostatic filter is much higher than that of a disposable filter. The higher the MERV rating the more harmful particles it removes from the air. Standard fiberglass and pleated disposable filters are not designed to remove allergens that cause asthma and some other respiratory ailments. Electrostatic filters use static electricity to attract harmful particles such as pet hair and dander from the air, ensuring your home is free of asthma aggravating elements.

Staying Power

Because an electrostatic filter is washable, it last much longer than a traditional filter. Once you install the electrostatic filter, you only periodically need to check it for cleanliness. It washes and dries easily and can be reused over and over again.

For more information on the benefits of electrostatic furnace and ac filters, contact the professionals at Healthy Home Filter Company. They can help you decide which filter is best for you home

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What Are Permanent Air Filters and What Are Their Advantages


Many people find the Spring and Summer months to be full of dirt, dust, and allergens. It can be a problem for those more sensistive to these problems like those with allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems. What these people should consider is a permanent air filter for their air conditioner and furnace.

What is a Permanent Air Filter?

A permanent air filter is designed to last for many years. These filters are manufactured with a special plastic fiber that develops an electrostatic charge. This charge is produced by the chemical structure of the plastics. As air flows through a grid of these fibers, electrons attach to these fibers creating a negative static charge. This charge then attracts positively charged dust flowing through filter. This dust is captured onto these fibers leaving the air clean and easy to breathe.

What Are The Advantages Of Permanent Air Filters?

These filters are designed to be used and reused. It is as simple as using the garden hose. To clean these filters, a person will simply spray the hose on the filter and wash all of the particulates and other captured materials out. After some time to dry, these filters are ready for use again. This process can be repeated leading to savings from not buying paper and fiberglass filters which are wasteful.

Healthy Home Filter Company sells permanent filters for all kinds of homes. If you are looking for a filtration solution to help you breather better, please contact us for more information specific to your needs.

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