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Thinking Beyond Filters with UV Light

UV Light for Furnce A/C

You pretty much can’t own a home without learning about air filters in this day and age. Whether you have a furnace, an air conditioner, or both, you have been taught by someone that you need to keep your filters clean in order to get the best performance out of your machines, and have the cleanest possible air in your home.

What you might not realize is that there is a way to actually destroy, not just filter, many of those air pollutants that make their way into, and through, your heating and air conditioning systems. For just pennies a day, adding a UV light to your system will destroy a variety of biological contaminants. Ultraviolet radiation does this by literally killing those viruses, bacteria, allergens and molds—which is why it is also important to install the light inside your furnace or air conditioning unit, where the light cannot directly reach your rooms.

For example, the humid summer season is just around the corner, and humidity brings with it an increase in mold. Air conditioning does remove a certain amount of excess humidity from the indoor air, minimizing mold buildup in your home, but if your air conditioner brings outdoor mold into the house, only the largest spores will be blocked by your existing filters. In order to get all the molds out of your system, you need to install a UV light, which will destroy those mold spores, regardless of their size. The UV sterilization will also reduce odors in your home because its continuous operation prevents any build up of contaminants in your heating and cooling systems.

Remember that UV lights are meant to work in conjunction with the filters on your air conditioning and heating systems, not as a replacement. Filters trap larger particles, preventing their entrance into the home—which is why they need regular cleaning. UV lights actually destroy biological contaminants, rendering your rooms fresh and clean. So contact us today to learn more or to order a UV light for your air conditioner today.


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