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Schools Can Save Money with a Switch to Permanent Air Filters

All around the country, school budgets are under the microscope in order to stretch the dollar a little farther. In some instances, schools are merging, programs are being cut, and teachers are being laid off just to balance the budget. More than ever, it is important for maintenance departments to evaluate their spending so that students don’t pay the price for a shortfall in funding. Installing permanent air filters in all the schools will not only save money, but offer many other benefits.

Because schools districts are responsible for heating and cooling large buildings, the systems must be constantly evaluated and maintained. Filters must be changed on a regular basis in order to maintain efficiency. Disposable filters will eat away at the maintenance budget, and even most washable filters will only last so long.

Quality, permanent electrostatic filters will replace your current filters, and pay for themselves in the course of a year. They are washable, and have a lifetime warranty, so you will never have to purchase filters again for your current system.

In addition, our filters clean the air of dust and pollen, creating a healthier atmosphere for young minds at work. Our filters clean the air ten times better than the average disposable filter.

If you’ve been thinking of investing in new filters, but haven’t been able to find the right dimensions for your system, we can size your filter to your needs. You give us the measurements, and we can create the right filter for you.

In addition to saving money, and offering a healthier environment for students and staff, you’ll be investing in a green option because you will no longer have to buy disposable or subpar filters that end up in the landfills. If you’re ready to find out more about our air filters for your heating or cooling system, contact us.


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A Washable Air Filter is Cost Efficient for Property Managers


If you’re a property manager or maintenance supervisor then you know how much money replacing air filters can cost. Over time, these costs add up but fortunately there is an alternative with choosing a washable air filter.

With an electrostatic air filter, there’s no need to change out the filter every few months because you simply wash it and reuse it. Since they are permanent filters, your initial cost is all you have to invest. This saves your company money and takes no more time than replacing a filter.

How many times have you had to find the right filter at your local hardware store? It takes time away from other work having to send someone out and if they don’t have the size you need you end up having to wait on an order or search other stores in your area. This is not only inconvenient but it wastes more money. The electrostatic filter traps dust and allergens like many other filters but instead of throwing away the filter or having to find a certain size, you always have it ready to go with a simple wash from a hose or air wash from an air compressor.

They are self charging and you don’t have to worry about rust or corrosion because they have a aluminum frames that are non-rusting. Each washable electrostatic air filter comes with a lifetime warranty so you know that once you get one, it will always work properly.

If you’d like to learn more about washable air filters and how it can help you save money at your condo, apartment building, school or complex simply contact us so we can help you get started. Don’t forget to ask us about bulk sales in order to save you even more money.

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We Supply Permanent AC Filters to Large Companies and Industries


While the name of our company is Healthy Home Filter Company—because we started out by focusing on the residential market—we sell many permanent, electrostatic furnace filters to maintenance and facility managers as well.  If you are a facilities manager or in charge of purchasing for a large facility, we want to do business with you.  Here’s why you will want to do business with us:

First and foremost, we are air filter experts. While you might be able to get a bulk deal at a local home improvement warehouse or building supply store, those folks do not specialize in filters. We, on the other hand, are well educated on the specific needs, issues and properties of the different types of filters we sell, and we’re happy to help you figure out exactly what you need.

For example, perhaps you are a facilities manager and are considering switching to permanent filters to save time and money.  You probably have many different HVAC systems in different buildings.  Perhaps the smaller units take 1 inch filters and the roof units take 2 inch filters.  You may need some filters that are low resistance and others that have higher dust arrestance, depending on the application. Rather than struggling to find the filters you need in a huge, anonymous store, you can call us with the information on your systems and we can match you up with the exact types of filters you need.

We offer substantial discounts on bulk orders.  Because we carry any type of filter that you might need, you can also contact us for assistance in providing filters for any special custom installations.  We specialize in assisting large facilities in switching from disposable filters to permanent, electrostatic filters.  Our happy clients include universities, prisons, factories and government agencies.

Rely on the experts when it comes to acquiring all the filters you need for your facility, contact us today to get started.

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Send Your Grad off to College with the Gift of Healthy Air


Congratulations! Your son or daughter is graduating from high school and going off to college in a few short months! This means that summer will be filled with extra chores, because you will need to prepare your grad for life away from home. When you prepare your shopping list of all those essential things that your young adult will need—everything from pencils and notebook paper to new soccer cleats and the “right” jeans—don’t forget to consider his or her health needs as well.  We strongly suggest including an Austin Air HealthMate Jr air purifier for that new dorm room or apartment. Here are some reasons why we believe this is an important addition to your grad’s new life away from home.

  • Many colleges and universities are located in big cities, which tend to have lots of pollution. An Austin Air purifier will help your grad breathe more easily.
  • If your grad is going to a suburban or rural college, there may be new pollens in the air that your son or daughter’s body is not be used to.  These can trigger allergies. The HealthMate Jr will allow their dorm room to be a safe haven from allergy symptoms.
  • Let’s face it…you can pretty much expect that your grad will spend a lot more time studying and hanging out with friends than he or she will spend cleaning their apartment or dorm room. The Austin Air HealthMate will at least help to counter the accumulating dust, and possibly even molds, that could cause your child to begin suffering allergic reactions.
  • A typical dorm room isn’t going to make the list of great smelling places, but the Healthmate Jr contains activated carbon to eliminate nasty odors.
  • These air purifiers also remove harmful micro organisms from the air, which means your child should be able to avoid those periodic viruses which can sweep through college dorms.
  • The HealthMate Jr is designed to treat the air in an 700 square ft area, which should cover most average college dorm rooms.
  • ON SALE NOW!! Use coupon code austin10 during checkout to get an additional 10% off and free shipping.

austin air healthmate jr

So contact us today or click here to order an Austin Air HealthMate Jr, and send your grad off to college well prepared.

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Now is the Time to Upgrade to an Electrostatic Furnace Filter


There are generally two times per year when homeowners think about their furnace and/or air conditioning system.  It usually happens when the temperature changes from cold to hot in Spring and when they change again from hot to cold in Autumn.  As you get ready to switch that themostat from heating to cooling…it’s also a good time to think about HVAC maintenance.  Getting your refrigerant checked and your coil cleaned are basic things that are important to do this time of year.  We also recommed that you upgrade to a washable filter.

Here are the reasons that we think now is a great time to upgrade to an electrostatic furnace filter. If you have been using regular filters, you have undoubtedly had to change them a few times this winter, and now you need to head off to the store again to buy a new one, and add your old one to the trash—and local landfill. If you had one of our electrostatic filters, you would never have to buy another filter.  Just give it a quick bath and it’s ready to go for another 4-8 weeks. With its rust-proof aluminum frame and lifetime warranty, you will not need to venture into the filter section of your local home improvement store ever again.

We also suggest that you think beyond your own home when considering a furnace filter upgrade. Are you on the local school board? Ask if they are using electrostatic filters on all the furnaces and air conditioners in the school buildings, and point out how much that would save on a tight budget. Are you in charge of the maintenance staff at your office? Ask them whether they use these permanent, washable, re-usable filters, and make sure to let them know that we here at Healthy Home Filter Company serve commercial as well as residential customers. Do you live in a condo? Bring up the question at your next condo association meeting, and make sure that all common area furnaces and air conditioners are equipped with electrostatic filters. Everywhere there is a furnace, there should be an electrostatic furnace filter, so contact us today for an upgrade!

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Indoor Air Quality Addressed By Electrostatic Air Filters

Electrostatic air filter

In the 21st century, awareness of indoor air quality issues continues to  expand. Simultaneously, newer construction, both residential and  commercial, is more air tight that ever, thanks in part to energy  conservation efforts. Inadequately filtered air is more likely than ever  to recirculate, potentially aggravating the breathing of those with  asthmatic and other lung conditions.
The Old Way Traditional  furnace filters eventually fill up with captured debris and particles.  Then, someone has to remember to replace them. But that ‘someone’ may  forget. The furnace filter is used way beyond its useful life. Not only is the filtering capability compromised, but the furnace has to work harder to pull air in through the dirty filter.
The  end result? Your utility bill increases, energy is wasted, and all of  those traditional filters end up in a landfill somewhere.
So what’s the alternative?
The New Way Permanent  electrostatic filters provide a more sophisticated means for filtering  the air. What’s more, they do not generate waste. They essentially  become a permanent part of your HVAC system. Simply hose them off every one to two months. That’s really all that’s required.
Benefits So what does one gain by installing electrostatic furnace filters? Lifetime warranty — Performance is guaranteed for life. Anti-microbial  Feature — We offer electrostatic filters that include an embedded  anti-microbial agent. These advanced filters are designed to minimize both mold and mildew. Better Dust Filtration — The electrostatic  design captures dust, dirt, and other particles about 10x better than  regular furnace filters. Quick Payback — Even though your  electrostatic filter  will serve you and your family for many years, it  will typically pay for itself in about a year.
Concerns How do I know that my new furnace filter will fit right? Because custom sizing is provided in 1/8 inch increments.

We  welcome your inquiry about the specifics of your furnace filter needs.  We sell individual filters to homeowners and lots of as many as a  hundred or more to schools, factories, office buildings, and condo  complexes. If you are a facility manager, maintenance supervisor, or  purchasing manager, we’ll gladly address your volume needs and  demonstrate the savings that are possible. To all of our customers,  large or small, we always say,  “Save Time, Save Money, save the  Environment.” Please contact us today!

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Managing Indoor Air Quality in Schools

For many schools, managing indoor air quality is a challenge. So much so, keeping children healthy in schools is one program the EPA (Environmental Protection Services Agency) has focused their attention.

Poor indoor air quality is known to cause health problems.  As cold and flu season gets ready to start, the problem becomes even more challenging. The EPA has numerous tips available to help a school district better manage their indoor air quaity.

One way schools can help managing indoor air quality is through servicing or replacing heating and cooling systems air filters.

As budgeting concerns mount for schools across the country, various ways of controlling costs need to be considered. Many public schools have turned to permanent electrostatic air filters because they are both efficient and in the long term, offer substantial cost savings.

While permanent filters are somewhat more expensive initially, generally their cost can be recovered within one year, and after that, will continue to save the school district money for years to come.

Rather than replacing the filters and throwing the used ones in the landfill, permanent air filters simply need to be washed, allowed to dry and then can be used again.

One of the things we want to teach our children is how to effectively use our planet’s resources. Using permanent filters sets a good example for your students, showing them that simple changes at home or at school really can make a difference protecting the environment.

For more information regarding permanent electrostatic air filters, or other products, please contact us.

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