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Combat a Moldy Summer with Austin Air Room Air Purifiers


If you live pretty much anywhere east of the Rocky Mountains, you know that summer means not just heat, but also humidity. Not only that, the excessive rains pouring down on the eastern half of the US are only increasing the amount of water in and around your home. Unfortunately, this creates a prime environment for the growth of molds, which can cause allergic reactions for many people. Even if you keep your home dry with pumps in the cellar and dehumidifiers upstairs, molds will still grow outdoors, and spores come inside your home every time the door is opened.

This is why you need an Austin Air room air purifier even after the spring allergy season is over. Molds grow anywhere outdoors where it stays damp, and make their way indoors on the breath of the wind and the soles of your shoes. Fortunately, Austin Air’s purifiers have both HEPA and carbon filters which clear both mold allergens and moldy odors from the air. Austin Air is also well known in the field for its impressive five year warranty, both for mechanical failure and for the filters used in the machine. These air purifiers filter in a 360 degree radius, up to 1500 square feet of space, ensuring that your entire living area will be a comfortable and safe space in which to live and breathe.

Austin Air also has a 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee, just in case it doesn’t live up to your expectations. But with its four stage filtration system, washable prefilter and five colors to choose from, we’re confident you will be satisfied.  So contact us today to order one of these amazing machines to help you survive a moldy summer like this one.


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Thinking Beyond Filters with UV Light

UV Light for Furnce A/C

You pretty much can’t own a home without learning about air filters in this day and age. Whether you have a furnace, an air conditioner, or both, you have been taught by someone that you need to keep your filters clean in order to get the best performance out of your machines, and have the cleanest possible air in your home.

What you might not realize is that there is a way to actually destroy, not just filter, many of those air pollutants that make their way into, and through, your heating and air conditioning systems. For just pennies a day, adding a UV light to your system will destroy a variety of biological contaminants. Ultraviolet radiation does this by literally killing those viruses, bacteria, allergens and molds—which is why it is also important to install the light inside your furnace or air conditioning unit, where the light cannot directly reach your rooms.

For example, the humid summer season is just around the corner, and humidity brings with it an increase in mold. Air conditioning does remove a certain amount of excess humidity from the indoor air, minimizing mold buildup in your home, but if your air conditioner brings outdoor mold into the house, only the largest spores will be blocked by your existing filters. In order to get all the molds out of your system, you need to install a UV light, which will destroy those mold spores, regardless of their size. The UV sterilization will also reduce odors in your home because its continuous operation prevents any build up of contaminants in your heating and cooling systems.

Remember that UV lights are meant to work in conjunction with the filters on your air conditioning and heating systems, not as a replacement. Filters trap larger particles, preventing their entrance into the home—which is why they need regular cleaning. UV lights actually destroy biological contaminants, rendering your rooms fresh and clean. So contact us today to learn more or to order a UV light for your air conditioner today.

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UV Light An Effective Supplement To Electrostatic Filters


What do doctor’s offices, hospitals, laboratories, and food processing plants have in common? In many instances, its UV light air purification. And why do so many such facilities turn to UV light air cleaners? Because of UV light’s impact on everything from bacterias and viruses to molds and fungi. In fact, this advanced technology has been employed in such settings for over two decades now. What is called ‘C’ band short-wave ultraviolet radiation in the “C” band (UVC, also called UVGI, which references ‘germicidal irradiation’) has been proven effective in rendering various microorganisms inactive, reports the EPA.

EPA UV Light Research

In fact, UV light systems have even drawn the attention of Homeland Security for their potential in combating harmful bio-aerosols. As a result, the EPA conducted tests to measure the effectiveness of UV light air cleaners in eradicating various types of organisms. All systems tested were more than 99 percent effective in eliminating what is called vegetative bacteria, for example. Overall, three different organisms were tested, and a number of UV light systems tested were more than 93 percent effective in eliminating all three microorganisms.

Would you like to have this air purification capability in your home? Now you can. Now it is possible to enjoy the peace of mind that UV light air cleaners offer. UV light systems can be installed right in UVAC ductwork, near your furnace, for example, to continually treat air as it is circulated throughout your home.

Electrostatic furnace filters take air purification a big step beyond that offered by traditional replaceable filters. And UV light systems can take air purification to an even higher level by attacking various airborne pathogens, including mold, mold spores, bacteria, and viruses.

Air Quality And Health Effects

Especially given today’s airtight home construction, people often find that colds seem to linger for weeks, or that runny noses that are way too common. Or, there may be inexplicable breathing issues and a general lack of energy. The culprits may be airborne substances that irritate the mucous membranes, lungs, and other tissues.

The potential benefits for those breathing air treated by UV light are numerous:

* Fight sickness such as common cold, influenza, measles, small pox and tuberculosis
* Reduce allergic reactions and asthmatic effects
* Reduce the frequency and severity of headaches
* Reduce congested nasal and sinus passages
* Address irritability induced by air issues
* Reduce fatigue and depression associated with fatigue
* Address Sick Building Syndrome

Find out more about how electrostatic filters and UV light can combine for especially effective air purification. Please contact us today.

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Combating Mold With UV light

UV Light Kills Mold

UV light air cleaners can further  complement the air purification offered by electrostatic furnace  filters. They have been proven useful in reducing the incidence of mold,  mold spores, bacterial, and viruses.

Mold Can Be Helpful — But Not Indoors

When  you are composting outdoors, various molds actually aid the process.  These living organisms break down organic matter, like dead leaves.  However, people in your home or commercial building are ‘organic’ too.  You don’t want harm to come to them.

Mold And Health — The Connection

Anytime  both moisture and oxygen get together, especially in poorly ventilated  environments, mold can grow and produce what are called mycotoxins.  These mycotoxins have been associated with various allergic reactions including watery eyes, skin rashes, runny noses, and even asthma attacks, according to the EPA.

Mold Infestation Challenges

Research  suggests a three or four-fold reduction in mold with use of a UV light  air cleaner integrated into the HVAC system. Almost everyone has heard  of the more extreme cases of drywall getting moist and uncontrolled mold  growth requiring major remediation. Typically, drywall needs to be  completely torn out and replaced. Affected carpet needs to be steam  cleaned. Hard surfaces have to be wiped down with a mild detergent  solution. Finally, a high-efficiency particulate air vacuum is typically  employed to thoroughly clean surfaces once they are totally dry.
It  is important, therefore, to always deal with water leaks as soon as  they appear. Plus, UV light integrated into one’s HVAC system can  significantly reduce mold’s impact.
The EPA asserts that the  complete elimination of mold from indoor settings is not possible.  However, controlling mold indoors is possible. UV light is one of the  key tools used to control mold. Again, it’s effect iveness is testified  to by its common use in both medical and food processing environments.

Healthy Home Filter Company offers modern solutions to the air purification needs of residences, schools, and businesses. For more insight into how to address your particular air quality issues, please contact us.

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Electrostatic Filters Filter the Air That Comes Into Your Home, And Ultra Violet Light Purifies It


Every moment of every day, we breathe.  There’s no getting around it. And, for most of us, that’s all well and good, but for many, just breathing can be a constant struggle.

Those folks suffer from ailments like asthma and allergies that affect how they breathe. For them, airborne contaminates including second-hand smoke, chemicals, dust, and mold spores cause serious reactions.

Sadly, much of the trouble comes from within the home because that’s where the air becomes stale, stagnant, and reused, – not necessarily recycled.  So, it’s no wonder that the air quality in them is up to 100 times more polluted than their outdoors counterpart.  Fortunately, there are a few simple and cost-effective things that can be done to improve the indoor air quality.

Electrostatic furnace filters are prime examples of simple solutions.  They greatly reduce air contaminates by filtering them out using a natural static charge and these filters are reusable which makes them a better choice for the green-ness of the planet.  Plus, the washable electrostatic furnace filters are up to 10x more effective then the disposable kind, and the electrostatic air filters even contain an anti-microbial agent to combat mold and mildew growth.  These filters come with a lifetime warranty to add to your peace of mind.

Another advancement toward improved air quality is the development of Ultra Violet lights.  UV lights effectively rid the air of unwanted biological contaminates including mold spores, bacteria, and viruses.  Ultra Violets light work as naturally and effectively as sunlight.

So, to breathe easier, bring fresh air and sunshine into your home.  Invest in reusable, efficient, and earth-friendly electrostatic furnace filters to filter the air and ultra violet light to purify it.

For more information contact us.  Our motto is “Save Time, Save Money, save the Environment.”

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Use UV Light for Cleaner Air in Your Home or Office

Mold, viruses and bacteria in your home or office can trigger asthma and allergies, not to mention contributing to the spread of the common cold or flu.

You can use UV light to reduce your exposure to these pathogens by installing a UVC germicidal lamp in your current HVAC system. These air cleaners use ultraviolet (UV) light technology to destroy pollutants in indoor air. UV lamps can destroy biological pollutants such as viruses, bacteria, allergens, and molds whether they are airborne or growing on HVAC surfaces such as cooling coils, drain pans, or ductwork.

Hospitals and government buildings have been using UV germicidal lamps in their ventilation systems for years. In fact, U.S. government buildings are required to have UV lamps above cooling coils to control microbial growth. Now these units are becoming increasingly common in homes and offices. Why not install one in yours and enjoy cleaner air every day?

The UVC Max36 is a high efficiency air purifier that uses a proprietary UVC lamp to safely and effectively help eliminate airborne allergens, bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi, and more. It also reduces odors by constantly treating the air with UV sterilization. The UVC Max36 plugs into any standard wall outlet and requires no separate wiring, so it is simple to install inside your ductwork or furnace unit. It also includes a year warranty.

Our Dual Lamp UVC Light has all the same benefits as the UVC Max36 but with two bulbs. Designed for air systems 1-5 tons, it comes with a five year warranty.

It’s important to note that UV lamps are not a replacement for filtration systems, but should be used in conjunction with them. There are also a few precautions you should take when using these bulbs.

First of all, never look directly at UVC light or directly expose your skin to the light, as it can cause permanent damage. These units have an indicator light so you won’t need to look at the bulb to make sure it is working. Each unit contains an on/off switch, and you should always turn the power off and unplug the unit before servicing the furnace or replacing bulbs.

The unit comes with a warning label to put on the furnace identifying the UV light inside. Don’t forget to stick the label on your furnace so you or others in the future will remember to exercise caution.

UVC lamps can help provide higher quality air for everyone in your home or office and reduce exposure to all kinds of pathogens and irritants. Contact us for more information about our UV germicidal lamps, and start breathing easier today.

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Improve Your Air Quality With UV Light


Can you guess the number one health problem in America?  Perhaps serious health conditions like cancer and heart disease come to mind.  Actually, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the number one health problem is indoor air pollution. Experts recommend UV light as an air purifier.

Let’s be honest—we’re enjoying less time outdoors as a nation. We spend up to 90% of our time inside, whether we’re at work, relaxing at home, or strolling through a shopping mall. The workplace, especially, has kept us inside, with 70% of us working indoors. With the obvious exception of occupations like construction and landscaping, the majority of our work takes place in traditional offices and other indoor locations. More people are telecommuting, or working from home, but they’re still inside for the majority of the day.

The rest of our time is spent in stores, restaurants, schools…you get the picture. Overall, we’re getting very little fresh air.

Not surprisingly, allergies and respiratory disease are on the rise as people are exposed to harmful allergens, chemicals, mold, mildew, and fungus, just to name a few culprits. These materials are floating in the air around us and being pumped through our HVAC systems.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has gone as far as to name the phenomenon of indoor air pollution “Sick Building Syndrome,” noting that 40% of office buildings pose a serious health hazard to employees. Documented illnesses run the gamut, from mild cold and flu-like symptoms to allergies, asthma, other respiratory ailments, headaches, fatigue, and even chronic depression.

The unfortunate results of indoor air pollution on homes and businesses include not only poor general health, but also a loss of worker productivity, increased medical costs, and a lower quality of life overall.

Fortunately, indoor air purification does not have to be expensive or complicated.

UV lights, which have been used for years in hospitals and government buildings, are now available for the home or office. They have several advantages: they kill bacteria, mold, viruses and other airborne allergens; they’re easy to set up and use; and the unit plugs into a wall outlet and is integrated with your heating or cooling system.

Contact us to find out more about the benefits of installing UV lights in your HVAC system.

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