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Austin Air room air purifiers – Models to fit your medical needs

Air quality has a major impact on the lives of those suffering from medical illnesses such as asthma, pulmonary disease and severe allergies. Americans spend a large percentage of their time within their homes each day so it is critical that they utilize an air purifier to remove as many harmful impurities as possible. Austin Air room air purifiers produces a large line of home air purifiers to meet the needs of your medical condition.

Healthmate Series

The Healthmate series from Austin Air comes in several models which are designed for treating different square footages from 700 to 1500 square feet.  They are ideal for those suffering from asthma and pulmonary conditions that make it difficult to breathe. Healthmate air purifiers feature a 4-stage filtration system that removes all types on contaminates they can cause the lungs and bronchial tracts to flare up.

Allergy Series

Austin Air has a dedicated line for those suffering from allergies that feature a HEGA filter or High Efficiency Gas Absorption. This filter contains activated military carbon cloth and over 60 square feet of medical grade HEPA. It is the best solution for those suffering from seasonal or extreme allergies as well as those with extreme sensitivities to chemicals and fragrances.

Baby’s Breath

Austin Air’s Baby Breath model is designed to offer an elevated level of protection from airborne contaminants. It filters out molds, pollen, bacteria, viruses as well as gases and odors all of which are harmful to their delicate developing bodies. It also creates a soothing white noise that helps babies fall asleep and drown out noises within your home that would normally wake them. The use of the Baby’s Breath model is ideal for families with newborns as they are prone to colds and viruses that produce coughs and affect their breathing.

If you are interested in learning more about which Austin Air home air purifier is right for you, please contact us.


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Wildfire Smoke Relief Solutions and Special Discount for Those Affected


Here at Clean Air Solutions LLC in southern Colorado, the skies are hazy with smoke.  Our heart goes out to our hundreds of our fellow residents in Black Forest that lost their homes, the thousands that are evacuated and the millions across the state that are affected by the wildfire smoke.  Of course, we encourage all to donate to the Red Cross to help those in great need.  Our staff had a meeting this morning and we analyzed what we can do to help our neighbors in Colorado and across the west to deal with the current wildfire smoke issues.  The small particulates in wildfire smoke can cause many health problems, particularly among the young and elderly and those with asthma or other breathing issues.

Of course, helping to provide clean air is what we do here at Clean Air Solutions LLC, so we felt that we were in a good position to offer help.  In that light, we are happy to offer 15% OFF on our indoor air quality products.  Please use coupon code “wildfire” during checkout to obtain your discount.  Due to our small profit margins, we have never offered a discount this large before and it will only be available for a very limited time.

The products below can particularly help with wildfire smoke issues:

austin air healthmate

1) Healthmate Room Air Purifer – The HealthMate’s 4-stage filtration system contains True Medical Grade HEPA and Activated Carbon, eliminating airborne particles, chemicals, odors and gases.

How to Wash Your Filter

2) Electrostatic Furnace Filter – Uses natural static electricity to attract and hold airborne particles like a magnet.  Up to 25 times more effective in removing airborne allergens and contaminants than disposable filters.


3) Smoke Particulate Test Kit – This kit is often used by those whose home or office has been damaged by fires or smoke and need environmental smoke particulate testing for property insurance

As always, feel free to contact us for more information on indoor air quality solutions.

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Outfit Your Baby’s Room with an Austin Air Room Air Purifier


Congratulations on your impending addition to the family! We imagine you have your hands full, getting the new baby’s room ready for its future occupant. While you’ve probably thought a lot about the colors of the walls, the safety of the bed and the functionality of the changing table, we strongly suggest that you think about another item that your new baby’s room needs: an Austin Air room air purifiers. Here are our reasons:

  • Austin Air has a room air purifier just for babies. The Baby’s Breath Air Purifier is specifically designed with your new child in mind. This purifier offers the highest level of protection for your new baby’s lungs because it filters out three types of air pollutants: particles (molds, dust, pollen), gases and odors (acids, ammonia, and the odors from those cleaning solutions you need to use in order to keep your baby’s room clean) and micro-organisms (bacteria and viruses).
  • The Baby’s Breath air purifier will quickly remove all those nasty chemicals and particles left over from the remodeling, painting and carpeting that you did to prepare your baby’s room.
  • Baby’s Breath has an unusual function amongst air purifiers on the market: it makes the gentle, soothing sound that your baby heard for nine months while he or she was still in the womb. To you it sounds like a soft, white noise, but to your baby it is the clinically proven sound of “home” that will help your child fall asleep more easily and sleep soundly.
  • Like everything else must be in your new baby’s room, the Baby’s Breath air purifier is easy to clean. Austin Air’s purifiers come with a pre-filter which protects the main filter and just needs to be cleaned with a vacuum once a month.
  • The filter package itself is good for five years, which means that it will outlast many of the items in your baby’s room! There is also a five year warranty on all parts and labor, because there are no cheap plastic parts in this machine (unlike many of the toys your child will break over the years!).
  • The Baby’s Breath comes in two colors—pink and blue—so that you can purchase the color that best matches the color scheme of your baby’s room.

So contact us and order a Baby’s Breath today. With this air purifier’s clean air and soothing sounds, your baby will thrive in her or his new home!

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Improve the Indoor Air Quality in the Nursery

Baby's Breath Air Purifer

It’s an unfortunate downside of the more energy efficient homes that we have today: air is trapped, locking pollutants inside. In fact, the National Safety Council (NSC) says that “indoor air often contains higher concentrations of hazardous pollutants than outdoor air.” Worse, it can be hard to tell if your indoor air quality is adversely affecting your health. The symptoms produced by poor indoor air can mimic colds and allergies, leading to things like headaches, tiredness, dizziness, and nausea. In can even increase the likelihood of asthma, breathing disorders, and cancer.

The EPA lists a number of causes for toxic indoor air, including cleaning products, second-hand smoke, and even pesticides. Heaters can also contribute, which is why it’s so important to have a high-quality furnace filter to purify the air that is circulating in your home.

Of course, we all want to breathe clean air, but when you have a  baby in the house, it becomes that much more important. The NSC states that “children breathe in 50 percent more air per pound of body weight than adults.” The American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine recently concluded that 65 percent of asthma cases among elementary school-age children could be prevented by controlling exposure to indoor allergens and that by controlling biological contaminants such as dust mites and cat allergens, asthma cases could be reduced by 55 to 60 percent.

There are several ways to improve the air quality in the nursery. Use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter and use it regularly. Wash bedding and baby’s clothing in hot water to cut down on dust mites. Dust frequently. Keep pets out of the baby’s room. And, of course, don’t smoke in the house–even if the baby isn’t around.

Sometimes it can feel like keeping things clean is an uphill battle, so you may want to consider a little extra help.  Austin Air Baby’s Breath Air Purifier removes sub-micron particles, noxious gases and chemicals from the air that you and your kids breathe. It can treat up to 700 square feet, and uses a HEPA filter & 6.5 lbs of solid activated carbon and zeolite, cleaning the air not just of  dust but also of odors, gases, viruses, bacteria, and mold.

If you’re interested, contact us to learn more about the Austin Air Baby’s Breath Air Purifier and our other options for helping to keep the air in your home as clean as possible.

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Indoor Air Quality: What To Expect When You’re Expecting


You’ve picked out the perfect crib. The changing table you found matches perfectly. And the stuffed bear is the cutest thing ever — your new baby’s going to love him, he’s adorable.

No room in the house gets more attention, care and planning than the new baby’s nursery. But the biggest part of the room is often overlooked: the air itself. Many new parents forget that their newborn is just starting out in the world, and is brand-new at everything — even breathing. Here’s a couple of ways to make it easier on her, and to help you breathe easier, too.

  • Change your furnace filter, right now. No, really, I mean right now. Finish this article if you want, but that’s all the longer you should wait. When the new baby arrives, you’ll have exactly zero time to deal with anything else for a good little while — e.g., until she goes to college. And even when the baby starts sleeping (it does happen eventually) you’ll be hard pressed to make a special trip to the hardware store. Here’s a tip: pick up an electrostatic “permanent” furnace filter sized for your furnace. They install just like the disposable kind, only instead of replacing them, you just rinse them and put them back in. The fact that they happen to improve indoor air quality much, much better than a regular filter is icing on the cake.
  • Clear the air in the nursery. A good whole-house filter is great, but baby’s room needs a little extra. An in-room air purifier is an excellent “final stage” for cleaning the air surrounding your newborn. Austin Air makes a full-spectrum air purifier called “Baby’s Breath” that treats a 700 square foot space effortlessly and even comes in pink or light blue for boys or girls! The purifier will take care of molds, pollen, bacteria, viruses and even gasses like ammonia. As an added bonus, during normal operation the machine creates a perfect gentle “white noise” sound — the same sound, similar to what they hear in the womb, that every seasoned parent knows is practically essential for newborns. That is, if you ever want them to fall asleep.

For all your indoor air quality needs — for the baby’s room, and beyond — feel free to contact us!

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