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Protect Your Home’s HVAC System With A 3 or 5 Stage Electrostatic Air Filter

An electrostatic air filter works by creating a static charge as air flows through it and trapping dust and other particles in the filter by attracting them with the electrostatic force.   Because the fibers the filter is made out of naturally create the static charge, you aren’t paying extra to charge the filters.

Electrostatic filters are reusable and can be taken out and vacuumed or washed, dried, and then re-installed in the HVAC system. All of the filters come with a lifetime warranty.  Electrostatic filters are extremely effective at cleaning dust, pollen, bacteria, fungi, molds, and other contaminants out of the air, and are up to ten times better at filtration than comparable fiberglass disposable filters.

The electrostatic filters are available with either three-stage or five-stage filtration. The three stage filter has two layers of woven monofilament polypropylene and a core of non woven polyester.  The five-stage filters have five layers of monofilament polypropylene with anti-microbial VIBAX-MI50 to help in the eradication of molds, mildews, and bacteria.

These filters are built to stand up to multiple cleanings and are on a rust-resistant aluminum frame.

The air quality in your home is important for respiratory health and the reduction of dust, but it is also just as important for the service life of your HVAC system.  With a good filter, you can keep dust, dirt, and other debris from clogging up the coil in your HVAC system, potentially extending its lifetime.

For more information on our three or five-stage reusable electrostatic filters and how to pick the one that is right for your home, please contact us at Health Home Filter Company.


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Austin air room air purifiers – Get rid of the dust in your home this spring and summer

Austin Air

Do you often wonder where all the dust comes from that you find within your home? Dust is made up of many substances such as dirt, material fibers, dry skin and many more unsavory particles. Many homeowners fail to realize that they are actually breathing this material as well since it’s often made airborne from air movement. An Austin air room air purifier is the ideal solution to reduce the dust in your home and stop inhaling all those foreign particles.

Dust is present in our homes throughout the year but increases during the warmer seasons. It is brought into our homes from air exchange with the outside air as well as on everything that enters the home. Much of it is so small that it isn’t visible except in certain light conditions, but it is visible when it settles on surfaces. This dust contributes to a number of health problems including asthma, allergies and skin conditions so it is imperative that is removed from the air you breathe.

Austin Air room air purifiers remove this dust from your home as well as mold spores, odors, gases, viruses and bacteria. Their 4-stage filtration system quickly and effectively traps almost all particles .3 microns and larger. Large particles get trapped on the prefilter which can be cleaned extending the main filters life to at least five years. Austin Air purifiers are rated to efficiently clean up to a 1,500 square foot area and offer quiet operation.

If you would like more information on how an Austin Air Purifier can remove dust from your home and how your health can benefit, please contact us.

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Austin Air HealthMate – Improve your quality of life

The overall health of Americans is increasingly being scrutinized each year due to the rise in adverse health conditions and illnesses. This has dramatically increased the cost of medical care and produced a vast amount of products and devices that promise to better your health. Air quality is a major factor in our total health and should be given serious consideration when finding a way to improve quality of everyday life.

Air purifiers are an ideal way to make your home or office a healthier living environment which will keep you healthy and prevent illnesses. There are many choices out there and it’s critical that you select one that reduces all overall contaminants such as the Austin Air HealthMate. This quality air purifier removes virtually all airborne particles including gases, allergens, dust, chemicals and odors. Air is filtered through solid activated carbon, zeolite and a certified medical grade HEPA filter. The Austin Air purifier has an easy to clean pre-filter to make your main filter last longer, saving you money.

Air purifiers can improve your quality of life by reducing symptoms and preventing illnesses. The Healthmate eliminates bacteria and viruses from the air preventing you from getting infected and the spread of common colds and viruses. It also offers relief to asthma suffers as well as those who are affected by seasonal and pet allergies. Irritants such as pet dander, mold spore, plant particles and chemical that often increase symptoms are greatly reduced or eliminated. The purified air allows your space to be a comfortable place to live without of the worry of air pollution.

If you would like more information on an air purifier to improve your air quality and help you stay healthy, please contact us.

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Prepare for spring cleaning with a permanent air filter

Spring cleaning is an annual ritual performed by many homeowners across the United States as a way to purge their household of unwanted items and thoroughly clean it. Cleaning and removing items that have been resting for a long period disturbs all the particles that have settled out of the air making them airborne. A quality air filter for your furnace and AC is critical during this process to filter out these unwanted contaminants.

Replacing your disposable filter with a permanent filter is an ideal way to start your spring cleaning. A permanent filter such an electrostatic filter by BoAir will outperform standard filters and save money. Their superior filtration is critical during times of increased air pollutants such as when you are spring cleaning. Particles attach to the filter due to the electrostatic charge and remain there until they are washed away. This allows for them to be washed as often as needed and act as an air purifier to your home.

Permanent air filters have many advantages over their costly disposable counterparts in that they last indefinitely. They simply need to be washed every 4-6 weeks or more frequent during periods such as spring cleaning when more particles are within your homes air. They also filter more pollutants from the air than standard filters which often relives seasonal allergy symptoms.   They are also ideal for those who suffer from asthma as they can greatly reduce breathing problems due to the increased air quality. If you would like more information on how a permanent air filter can save you money and help you breathe safer, please contact us.

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Air purifiers offer winter indoor allergy relief

During the winter months Americans tend to stay indoors longer due to the cold weather especially in the northern United States which receives frequent snow falls. Many will suffer from indoor allergies which are caused by the buildup of allergens within their homes. The symptoms can often be mistaken for a common cold, but they do not go away after a few days.

An article on WebMD “Winter Allergies” highlights the common allergies people face within their home in the winter and several way to combat them. Common allergens during the winter months include:

Dust Mites – Tiny bugs that are often found in bedding and drapery

Pet Dander – Dead skin cells, dried saliva or urine

Mold – Common fungus that is found in wet areas such as bathroom and  basements

These allergens are present in your home throughout the year, but become concentrated during the winter months due to lack of fresh air from the outside. Pet allergies also worsen due to pets being inside more due to the cold weather.  Common symptoms to look for caused by indoor allergies include coughing, itchy eyes, dark circles under eyes and sneezing. If you suffer from these symptoms for more than a few days than its likely you need to reduce allergens within your home to get allergy relief.

Common household cleaning such as regular vacuuming, sweeping, dustings and mopping reduces the amount of allergens within your home. This can also increase the amount of allergens that are airborne as they are disturbed during the cleaning process. An air purifier is the ideal solution to compliment your regular cleaning as it can remove the allergens from your air. Models such as those produced by Austin including their Allergy machine can treat up to a 1500 square feet house with its HEPA filter. They are designed to remove allergens, chemicals, odors and viruses from your homes air supply. This can greatly reduce or eliminate your winter allergy symptoms. If you would like more information on how an air purifier can improve your allergy symptoms, please contact us.

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A Permanent Furnace Filter is a Breath of Fresh Air

There is a great deal of attention given to the quality of the air outdoors. Every major weather reporting service provides an air quality index with specifics about things like pollen and atmospheric particulate matter. From the perspective of an allergy sufferer—this is misleading. Are we to believe that the likely cause of red, itchy eyes, headaches, fatigue, and our runny noses is the great outdoors?

Indoor air pollutants average two and a half times higher than outdoors and indoor air quality is the number one health concern in the country according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Some estimates suggest that forty percent of all buildings present a serious health hazard because of indoor air pollution. Talk to a symptomatic allergy sufferer and they will tell you that sometimes just getting to an open window can provide some relief.

Recognizing this problem is a good first step but we need to do more. We need to implement some solutions. A perfect place to start in any home or office is the furnace. Nothing kicks allergies or asthma into gear faster than when the furnace kicks on—pushing dusty, musty, germ laden air into every room.

A permanent, washable, electrostatic furnace filter removes ten times more pollutants than a disposable filter and never needs to be replaced. Electrostatic furnace filters are also cost effective, usually paying for themselves after one year of use.

The permanent furnace filter is one huge step toward improving the indoor air quality in your home or office. With this solution implemented, you can improve even further with air cleaners from Austin Air and the air sanitizing power of a UVC light.

If good health is important to you and you spend much of your time indoors than you need to start taking steps to improve the air you breathe by contacting us at Healthy Home Filter Company. Make today the day you become part of your air quality solution.

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Send Your Grad off to College with the Gift of Healthy Air


Congratulations! Your son or daughter is graduating from high school and going off to college in a few short months! This means that summer will be filled with extra chores, because you will need to prepare your grad for life away from home. When you prepare your shopping list of all those essential things that your young adult will need—everything from pencils and notebook paper to new soccer cleats and the “right” jeans—don’t forget to consider his or her health needs as well.  We strongly suggest including an Austin Air HealthMate Jr air purifier for that new dorm room or apartment. Here are some reasons why we believe this is an important addition to your grad’s new life away from home.

  • Many colleges and universities are located in big cities, which tend to have lots of pollution. An Austin Air purifier will help your grad breathe more easily.
  • If your grad is going to a suburban or rural college, there may be new pollens in the air that your son or daughter’s body is not be used to.  These can trigger allergies. The HealthMate Jr will allow their dorm room to be a safe haven from allergy symptoms.
  • Let’s face it…you can pretty much expect that your grad will spend a lot more time studying and hanging out with friends than he or she will spend cleaning their apartment or dorm room. The Austin Air HealthMate will at least help to counter the accumulating dust, and possibly even molds, that could cause your child to begin suffering allergic reactions.
  • A typical dorm room isn’t going to make the list of great smelling places, but the Healthmate Jr contains activated carbon to eliminate nasty odors.
  • These air purifiers also remove harmful micro organisms from the air, which means your child should be able to avoid those periodic viruses which can sweep through college dorms.
  • The HealthMate Jr is designed to treat the air in an 700 square ft area, which should cover most average college dorm rooms.
  • ON SALE NOW!! Use coupon code austin10 during checkout to get an additional 10% off and free shipping.

austin air healthmate jr

So contact us today or click here to order an Austin Air HealthMate Jr, and send your grad off to college well prepared.

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