Fight Dust With A Furnace Filter

Whether you are a homeowner or a purchasing manager for a large facility that includes offices, condos or retail space, you can spend more time fighting dust than you ever expected.  Unfortunately, there are some angles for fighting this annoying layer of filth — and one area that you can take control of right away is the furnace filter.  To get a better understanding of how a simple filter can cut down on the amount of dust your home or businesses has, keep reading.

How dust presents a problem in winter

Naturally, if retail spaces and businesses are always covered in dust, merchandise can get damaged (especially if humidity or moisture are an issue). Worse, customers may feel deterred.  Keeping a home or professional space clean is also a symbol of health.  Dust is well-known allergen, and during the winter months it can exacerbate health conditions.  If you own rental properties, having a living or working space with too much dust can present potential legal and health code violation issues.

How dust is exacerbated by lack of filters

Depending on the type of furnace you have, it can produce a lot of dust.  This happens when the fuel is burned.  Regardless, this issue is made worse by the dust that travels through the ducts. At some point, this dust cycle needs to be interrupted, and regularly changing the filters is a top priority.  Alternatively, an electrostatic furnace filter, like the ones we sell, do not need to be changed out monthly because they work without a barrier material. In addition, a filter that addresses the air that is pulled into the furnace itself (as well as the exiting, heated air) will increase the longevity of your furnace.

Cleanup cost issues related to dust

Do you have cleaning companies for your home or businesses that charge by the hour?  Of course, if they leave a bunch of dust behind, they are going to lose you as a client — therefore cleanup crews work hard to make sure each speck of dust is cleaned up.  In the end, this means dust can end up costing you a pretty penny.  Plus, if you have a new business that moves into a retail or commercial space, they are going to notice if their privately hired cleaning company starts billing them extra hours because the janitors are battling dust.

Get a furnace filter and see the savings!

Now that you have a better understanding of how dust problems flourish, how they will cost you, and how dust can be prevented with a furnace filter, the next step is to contact us.  We can help you get the dust situation under control in your home or businesses with electrostatic furnace filters that are worry-free because they are barrier-free. On top of that, and we offer discount rates for commercial, rental, industrial, and retail customers that purchase furnace filters in bulk.  Thank you in advance for choosing us, and we look forward to hearing from you.


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