Austin Air Room Air Purifiers – Prevent the Buildup of Dust and Dust Mites in Your Home


Our homes have microscopic particles and organisms that are not easily seen by the human eye. They collect on almost every item that resides within our home and are often stirred up by human and animal activity. Homeowner may think they have the cleanest home around, yet still have large populations of dust mites lurking throughout their home.

Dust mites are an organism most people don’t even know exist, let alone in their own home. They feed off the dust that collects within our home that includes a variety of organic matter and skin particles shed from humans and animals. Although they are not seen or smelled, they do impact our lives, especially those who are prone to allergies and illness. They are a major cause of allergy symptoms that is often overlooked. Common symptoms often attributed to dust mites are sneezing, runny nose, itchy water eyes and a similar symptom to the common cold.

Preventing dust buildup within your home is the best way to keep dust mites from overtaking your home and general health. Frequent cleaning including vacuuming and dusting help keep their numbers in check, but does not rid your home from them. Austin Air room air purifiers are an ideal solution that will continuously remove dust and dust mites from your living space. They feature 4-stage filtration that removes even the smallest particles such as dust mites. When used continuously you remove the food for mites and them as well, which can completely remove them from your home and prevent any ill symptoms.

If you would like more information on the benefits on an air purifier in your home, please contact us.


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