A Permanent Electrostatic Air Filter Offers Key Health Benefits

Germs only have mobility if they can hitch a ride on dust or other airborne particles. These particles are an inevitable part of daily life; they come from sources such as dirt, pollen, pet dander, mold, mildew and smoke. When you consider that you breathe in an estimated 250 cubic feet of air in your lungs during a 12-hour period, the opportunity for germ-laden air to get to your lungs is virtually unlimited.

Dedicated efforts to keep your home clean can only offer a partial solution. It has been estimated that such cleaning is only about 30-35 percent efficient, in part because dust and other super-fine particles are often merely stirred up and displaced from one spot in the home to another.

A Superior Air Filtration Solution

A permanent electrostatic air filter works to clear the air that you’ll breathe into your lungs around-the-clock. When you are cooking, playing, relaxing or sleeping in your home, your electrostatic filter works tirelessly on your behalf. If anyone in your household faces seasonal allergies, grant them some much-deserved relief with such a permanent filter.

Improve Productivity

Better health in the home can also translate into improved productivity at work. It’s been estimated that, on average, an employee loses about one day of work every month to indoor air-related illness. Over time, an estimated one in five workers experiences a major illness due to problematic indoor air quality. More severe allergies, asthma, and even autoimmune disorders may hinder a person’s productivity and overall quality of life.

There is little doubt that much is at stake when it comes to the quality of the air that you and your family breathe in your home each and every day. A permanent electrostatic air filter can represent a big step in the quest for clean, healthy air in your home. For more information about the benefits of these advanced filters, please contact us.


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