Austin Air room air purifiers – Prepare for seasonal allergies


Many Americans look forward to spring time and the warmer temperatures.  Not so much those suffering from seasonal allergies. Springtime throughout the Unites States features greening grass, blooms of flowers and leaves starting to grow on trees. It also results in increased allergen levels in the air we breathe and within our homes.

Wintertime often gives those with seasonal allergies some much needed relief as the cold temperatures keep allergen levels low. As temperatures rise the trees and plants start to produce pollen and release it into the air to reproduce. This pollen is a major cause of allergies within the United States. An article on WebMD “Spring Allergies” highlights the impacts that spring allergies has on the health of Americans. According to the article more than 35 million suffer from seasonal allergies caused by pollen often called rhinitis or hay fever.   The pollen causes the body to defend itself due the particles being misidentified as foreign invaders and causes symptoms of watery eyes, sneezing, itchy eyes, hives and breathing problems.

Consumers can lessen their symptoms greatly by limiting their exposure to the allergens. Within their home, utilizing a quality air purifier can virtually eliminate airborne allergens. Austin Air room air purifiers feature an allergy line that utilizes a medical grade HEPA filter. These purifiers remove particles from microscopic to large including spores, mold, pollen, chemical vapors and viruses. Homeowners who use an air purifier during the spring time can drastically reduce their symptoms by preventing the allergens from building up within the home and removing any new allergens that are brought in. It is also critical that an air purifier be used along with spring cleaning as many old allergens that have settled are reintroduced to the air.

If you would like more information on how an air purifier can reduce your springtime allergy symptoms, please contact us.


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